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The finest spun yarn makes the finest tweed


Tweed is definitely a hot trend

There was a time when tweed was the fabric of choice for the country gent or lady – that heavy, practical fabric that made for an excellent jacket or hat.

Over the years the fabric has been applied in the design output of the top fashion labels with their ultra-fashionable take on country clothing. From Chanel through Burberry, to Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, they have all doffed their respectful, flat caps at Tweed.

Recent times have seen the emergence of Tweed as a trend article in both apparel and accessories and the finer yarns make for versatility of usage.

Yarn colour creates the look

The colours in the yarn mixes make this the ideal fabric for autumn and winter wear with their hues of the countryside; the deep blues, greens and berry tones.

More cutting edge British designers are concentrating their creative efforts on this most adaptable of fabrics. From Timothy Foxx who produce ‘exceptionally eccentric tweed clothing’ to Jaggy Nettle, producing fashion wear including hi-top sneakers in Tweed.
Tweed has long been a fabric of choice because it is hard-wearing, warm, easy to care for and eminently stylish. Finer yarns though have seen the fabric break in to the high street in lighter weight jackets, skirts, suits and the all-important accessories.

There’s no doubt about it:
Exceptional spun yarn makes for exceptionally fine looking Tweed

For more information about the range of spun yarns available from Gardiner Yarns, please see our Stock Supported Yarns page

Gardiner Yarns – New Product News


New Spun Yarn Ranges from Gardiner Yarns
Gardiner Yarns are delighted to announce two new spun yarn ranges, perfectly designed for multiple end uses.

Dales Tweed ( 1/6.2nm DT12 )

Our Dales Tweed range is inspired by sights and places around the Yorkshire Dales and is available in a palette of 20 colours. The yarn has a Donegal knop effect within it, giving it a beautiful contrast effect. Produced from 100% pure new wool the yarns give a fine soft handle and is suitable for many applications from apparel, knitwear and furnishing applications.

Border Twist ( 2/10.5nm BT20 )

Our twist on two traditional favourites! The range encompasses 48 colours, combining a selection of yarns from our Shetland and Lambswool stock supported ranges to create a novel effect yarn. The rich mixture of the Shetland is plyed with similar shades in our lambswool range to produce a lovely soft over-handle on the end yarn. The yarns are suitable for woven apparel or furnishing applications

For more information on these beautiful new products and the rest of the Gardiner Yarns range and shades, please visit our Stock Supported Yarns page.