Gardiner Yarns, based in the heart of the West Yorkshire textile manufacturing area are proud to support The Campaign for Wool and the global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to raise the awareness to consumers of the benefits offered by wool fibre. We promote many woollen spun stock supported ranges suitable for all weaving, machine and hand knitting end uses. This natural, renewable, totally biodegradable, resilient, breathable fibre is also a thermally efficient, flame and fire retardant insulator that has been used as clothing since the Stone Age. Wool resists the growth of bacteria, is not known to cause allergies, and recently has shown that it actually absorbs volatile organic compounds when used in carpets to assist the localised air quality around the home reducing the potential for asthma attacks. For more information on these beautiful new products and the rest of the Gardiner Yarns ranges and shades, please visit our Stock Supported Yarns page.