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Herdwick Nm 4′s & Nm 7.2′s Stock Supported Yarn


Pretty Herdwick Sheep

Herdwick Sheep came to England during 10th and 11th centuries evolving & adapting to our climate over centuries and are a key species in the Lake District since then.. They are now the most hardy native British hill breed in the UK spending winters at over 3000 ft in Cumbrian uplands. With distinctive smiley faces the black lambs become brown when a year old and they eventually turn light grey with age.
An agricultural move more to tourism has put great pressure the breed and lately the cost of shearing (needed for the animal’s welfare) costs more than the revenue the wool generates so flocks declined. The Foot and Mouth Crisis in 2001 claimed about 25% of the remaining 100,000 sheep left. So now it is a rare and protected species.
Beatrix Potter became interested in breeding and raising Herdwick sheep, soon after acquiring Hill Top Farm in Cumbria in 1905.
Gardiner Yarns embarked on developing yarns from the Herdwick wool primarily to support the breed and help create demand for Herdwick wool in traditional Lakeland clothing products. By using fleece and marketing this hard wearing Herdwick stock supported yarn we hope to promote and raise the profile of this rare & photogenic breed. We sell the naturally coloured grey yarns allowing our customers to dye their own yarn or finished fabrics, a lot using natural plant dyes. It can also be commercially package dyed.

Stock Supported DT12 Dales Tweed Nm 6.2′s range Updated for 2021


Gardiner Yarns are pleased to announce their Dales Tweed Nm 6.2′s coloured mixture knop effect wool yarn range is now extended to a palette of 28 colours. The Dales Tweed range is inspired by the places and sights around the Yorkshire Dales. The vibrant shades in this range have contrasting knop effects. All can be viewed on our stock supported yarn page on our web site. Produced from 100% pure new wool the yarn gives a fine soft handle and is suitable for many applications from apparel, knitwear and furnishing applications.

We hold all of the colours in stock in singles and make twisted yarns to order to suit their end use. This includes mixing with other stock supported ranges either for handle, to make a marl or tonal mixture or, to achieve a yarn for a certain knitting gauge.
If you would like to talk to us more about this range please get in touch with us via our contacts page on our web site.

Unprecedented Times


In this very strange era with the impact of Covid-19 affecting us all, Gardiner Yarns are still continuing to operate. We can safely work here and follow all government distancing guidelines internally in the factory. For those of us working from home or in factories that are still able to produce, we are continuing to fulfil stock supported yarn orders.  All our lovely coloured mixture wool ranges can all be viewed on our Stock Supported Yarns page on our website.

If you are looking for yarn supply to keep actively making cloth, require sampling or shade cards for future collections or production please get in touch via our ‘contact us’ page on the website or call us!! It’s good to chat in this unusual period of our lives when time seems to stand still.

Gardiner Yarns announce the extension of their stock supported Soft Shetland Nm 11.3’s range.


Our super Soft Shetland Stock Supported Range

Stock supported super Soft Shetland Nm 11′s range

Gardiner Yarns are pleased to announce their super Soft Shetland Nm 11.3’s coloured mixture wool yarn range is extended from the current 32 shades to 60 colours.  These still include the popular traditional tones of nature including heather and moorland mixes and the newly expanded range includes many new and vibrant colours.  All can be viewed on our stock supported yarn page on our web site.

We hold all of the colours in stock in singles and twist to order to suit end use.  However we also hold this yarn in a low turns per meter knitting twist so sales can be made from as little as single cone of yarn.

If you would like to talk to us more about this range please get in touch with us via our contacts page on our web site.

Woven in Kirklees Week June 8th – June 16th


Gardiner Yarns are pleased to support the WOVEN in Kirklees initiative that has been created in partnership and collaboration with cultural organisations, artists, education settings, businesses, industry and heritage sites across the district connecting a strong heritage with today’s innovative developments in industry, university research, a strong arts and crafts scene and the creative expression of the district’s rich and diverse communities.

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