Our super Soft Shetland Stock Supported Range

Stock supported super Soft Shetland Nm 11′s range

Gardiner Yarns are pleased to announce their super Soft Shetland Nm 11.3’s coloured mixture wool yarn range is extended from the current 32 shades to 60 colours.  These still include the popular traditional tones of nature including heather and moorland mixes and the newly expanded range includes many new and vibrant colours.  All can be viewed on our stock supported yarn page on our web site.

We hold all of the colours in stock in singles and twist to order to suit end use.  However we also hold this yarn in a low turns per meter knitting twist so sales can be made from as little as single cone of yarn.

If you would like to talk to us more about this range please get in touch with us via our contacts page on our web site.