Did you know that Gardiner Yarns hold yarn stocks of Herdwick Wool Yarn (in Nm 7.2′s & Nm 4.0′s) a rare and protected species, believed to have originated from Scandinavia the Herdwick has developed over centuries on the Lake District fells. The name ‘Herdwyck’ means sheep pasture and is recorded in 12th century documents


It is regarded as the hardiest of all British breeds and can survive on the highest ground. This breed of distinctive sheep has white head and legs. The lambs are born with a black fleece but as the more brittle ‘kemp’ fibres increase with age the mature fleece becomes a distinctive grey. Gardiner Yarns embarked on developing yarns from the Herdwick wool in 2016 primarily to support the breed and by using fleece and marketing Herdwick yarn we hope to promote and raise the profile of this hard wearing rare & photogenic breed. We stock support both a light grey and dark grey base ecru yarn in two counts; Nm 7.2’s and Nm 4’s. Our stock supported Herdwick wool can be yarn dyed or, piece dyed maintaining the tweed effect and allowing the kempy character to still show in the finished cloth. Ranges made from these yarns have so far found their way into upholstery, outerwear apparel, accessories, floor coverings and even hand knitting ! For more information about this Herdwick yarn please get in touch with us via our contact us page